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Application process


  • Between 21 and 30 years of age (participants up to 35 years of age may be considered as well, but they may not be eligible for a fully-funded stay)

  • Active in politics, state affairs, business, media, arts, sports, science, a non-profit environment, etc.

  • An interest in EU affairs, its political and economic development, security, and/or any other fields of relevance to the European affairs

  • Fluent in English

  • Willingness to actively engage in FELF (including pre-forum preparations) debates and the Prague European Summit discussions

  • Willingness to participate in any other related activities​, preceding the meeting


12 -16 July, 2021

Topics of the Conference on the Future of Europe to be discussed:

  1. Climate change and the environment

  2. Health

  3. A stronger economy, social justice and jobs

  4. EU in the world

  5. Values and rights, rule of law, security

  6. Digital transformation

  7. European democracy

  8. Migration

  9. Education, culture, youth and sport

  10. Other ideas


Please send us your CV (including your date of birth and full contact details) coupled with a short essay on the topic tacked by the Conference on the Future of Europe. You are to choose one of the CoFoE’s following topics – listed above - and elaborate an essay of up to 2000 characters (not more). The essay should briefly present the problem and should mainly offer possible solutions. You are expected to build on the essay during preparatory workshops and on-the-spot policy sessions. Working jointly with other participants, you will be creating a real policy brief which will then be presented to relevant stakeholders. 

All required documents must be sent to Mr. Jiří Mach, FELF Head Coordinator, via email at Both attachments must be in a PDF format titled in the following way: lastname-CV.pdf and lastname-essay.pdf.

The deadline for applications is the 10th of June, 2021 at 23:59 CEST. 

Applications are considered on a rolling basis with limited availability., and the application process will be closed once all 30 places are filled. Applying at the earliest is thus highly advisable.​

To learn more about how we comply with GDPR regulations, click here.


This event is co-funded in copperation with the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung - Representation in the Czech Republic. and the Office of Government of the Czech Republic.


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